I'm Denae, creating stuff is my jam, I love it and shows through my work!

Ami Amore is about sharing my love for amigurumi and other (random) creations with you. I've never been eager to show off or share my life or creations, I prefer a quiet and anonymous life :) My hope is that what I do share will spark your imagination, inspire you to try something new, and some courage to step and show others the beautiful work of your hands and mind! 

Amigurumi is a Japanese technique for making crochet/knitted and stuffed plush. Amigurumi is a fun and rewarding craft that anyone can try! While the majority of the posts will focus on this, Ami Amore is sprinkled with other crafts, interests, and a bit of my life too.   

About Me
live in Indiana with my wonderful and encouraging husband, Logan, who I couldn't live a day without! We have a new baby who keeps me super busy and I'm so in love! I'm a Christian, meaning Jesus Christ is my Savior! I'm home full time but with a baby, I craft/blog when I can. 

I've been involved in crafts since childhood, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that creativity is an essential part of me. I love the process of creation and design; not only does it make me happy, it's incredibly fulfilling. Most importantly, I love creating something that brings joy to others; that's priceless!

Feel free to contact me, I can be found on: InstagramBloglovin', Facebook, Etsyand Pinterest.

All photos on this blog are taken by myself unless otherwise stated. Please do not reproduce them in any manner without my permission. If you wish to use them on your own blog, link back to the picture's source on my blog, please.