Shop Closing for Christmas Vacation

Hey all!
  How’s everyone keeping during this maddening time of year? 
I’ll be honest, I’m tired.  I love Christmas, it’s my utmost favorite holiday. But I am terrible at selecting gifts for loved ones and it kinda stresses me out! lol! Is anyone else have this problem?  The holidays are shaping up to be very busy with family and friends this year! So, because of this crazy busy season, I've decided to take a long Christmas Vacation!
 My shop will close on the 15th and will reopen on New Years Day! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this year!  


More Narwhals!

New Items! I made more narwhals for the shop! 
This is a new design I tried: It's a shark! I'm definitely going to make more of these cuties!  I'd also like to try to make a few dolphins and maybe some Orcas and fish to expand my growing number of ocean creatures! :D 

Someday I'm going to get around to making themed sets.For example: the Ocean Collection would include a whale, narwhal, dolphin, and orca; while another ocean set might be a shark, fish, octopus, star/and-or jelly fish, and crab. 

I have a couple more collection items flouting around in my brain too! Like a snow/ arctic theme would have a narwhal, seal, penguin, yeti, and polar bear.  A bear theme would have a brown bear, panda, koala, polar bear, and bear with a striped shirt.  A Sahara theme would have an elephant, lion, monkey, and zebra. A farm set would have a cow, chickens, horse, sheep, pig, and dog. And last but probably my favorite, a forest theme. It'd have the fox, bear, bunny, bird, beaver, and squirrel.

There are so many possibilities  I'm excited to start putting something together but I really need to get past Christmas first before I start anything big! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! 



The Fox, The Bear, & The Rabbit

Hello Everyone! 

I'd like to start by wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! I love this time of year! The excitement of the holidays, the many returning friends and family, the food! I always have to have a piece of pumpkin pie, it's a must for Fall but especially Thanksgiving! My sister makes an amazing pie and I always love a big ol' piece covered in whipped cream! 

I have so much to be thankful for! If I actually tried to count all my blessings, I'm sure I'd lose count! I'm thankful for my husband, my Savior, our families and friends, our jobs, our little home. I feel so blessed to be able to have hobbies and share my them with you! My shop has been another blessing as well! I've gotten to know so many great people on Etsy! I truly enjoy what I do and that is such a blessing indeed! 


Have you ever loved one of your design and then become dissatisfied? Lately I've been feeling like my design for the mini's was missing something. So, after much thought and pondering, I decided to return to a more doll-like design like the kitty in the previous post. That's not to say that I won't be making the mini style anymore, on the contrary, I've just added a new design! I loved the new standing design and my imagination ran wild! I think I made 4-6 different animals from the same basic pattern. 

First up, my favorite design: The fox, I love foxes!
The color changes weren't hard at all. On the tail I used some deep single crochets to make it look more natural - hair like.


Happy Halloween!

Hello all!! I hope everyone is having a splendid day! :]

Today I'd like to show you one of my "old" designs. 
By "old" I mean one of my originals what has been tweaked so much that I don't even use hardly any pieces of the original pattern.

A Ginger Tabby~ Isn't it a cutie?  The stripes were my sisters idea :]
I love it's tail so I'll probably be incorporating it into my current kitty design.  

The main reason why I shelved this design was the labor-intensive arms, legs, and ears. Making so many little pieces was hard and then trying to sew them on was frustrating. If I was to do it over again, I'd make the body smaller, redo the ears, and use my current head design (which is cuter, imo.) I'd keep the arms; I've learned a few tricks since this design that'll make adding the small pieces easier. 

I debated selling it for a long time; it sat next to me in my crafty area as a constant reminder to make up my mind.  I finally decided to give her a new nose and list her in the shop! 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! 



Wanna Narwhal?

So, I've been busy! Have you ever been working on a project and bam!, out of nowhere a new idea hits you? That's how inspiration seems to hit me; all at once and I can't keep up! My poor hands! 
I love making amigurumi whales and I wanted to modify the pattern and make some amigurumi narwhals! Narwhals are so cute and have become really popular! I knew I wanted to use my whale pattern as the base design, but I couldn't figure out a good horn until about a day later, when it suddenly hit me! I used several slip stitches pulled tightly over a single strand of yarn to make a study horn!  If you've ever made friendship bracelets with the square knot then you're probably familiar with this concept. It takes a lot of patience to get it just right, but when I do, the horns look great! Sometimes I have to make them two or three times! Yeah, I'm a bit of a perfectionist! 
❤ Narwhal Love 
I loved making these little guys! I think they turned out perfect and so cute ❤ 

Some fun facts about narwhals!

1. They are the closest relatives of the beluga whale; the older they get, the whiter they become like their cousin. 
2. Both males and females grow tusks, with the male's always longer. Both can have double tusks but it's very rare.
3. The tusk is actually the upper left canine tooth! It's a tooth!! (so cool!)
4. Narwhals are a northern-arctic whale, rarely traveling south. They are still hunted by the Inuits for food.
5. They live long lives, older than 50 years typically. Their natural predators are humans, killer whales and polar bears. 

I love scientific animal facts!! I hope you do too~ 

See them in my shop



The Pumpkin Pattern

Fall wouldn't be complete without some harvest decor! 

The finished pumpkin measures about 2" x 2" but could be larger or smaller depending on the yarn choice. Bulky yarn would make an adorable, chubby pumpkin! 
I hope you enjoy this little pumpkin amigurumi pattern!

❤ 4 ply - worsted weight yarn, two colors - I love Loops & Thread's Impeccable at Michael's
❤ Crochet hook size E (3.5mm) or F (3.75mm) - I used a F hook
❤ Tapestry/yarn needle
❤ Polyfil stuffing or a stuffing of your choice

Rnd 1: Magic ring 6 sc [6]
Rnd 2: sc 2 in each st [12]
Rnd 3: (sc 1, inc in next st) repeat 6 times [18]
Rnd 4: (sc 2, then inc in next st) repeat 6 times [24] 
Rnds 5-8: sc in each around [24]
Rnd 9: (sc 2 then dec) repeat 6 times [18] 
Rnd 10: (sc 1 then dec) repeat 6 times [12] 
Start stuffing the pumpkin, leave a just a little squishy 
Rnd 11: dec around [6]

Tie off and leave a long tail. This should be at the top of your pumpkin. Sew the opening closed. Pull your needle down through the center of pumpkin, bring it back around and down through the center again. Repeat to create the indented lines that give it that "pumpkin look." I did 5 lines, you can choose more or less depending on what look you want. Tie off to finish, hiding your thread inside. 

Green Stem Topper
Rnd 1: Magic ring 5 sc, sl st to close [5]
Rnd 2: Chain 4. In second st from hook, sl st down in each. [3]
In the next st of center ring, sl st to create a space between each "arm". Repeat Rnd 2 to create  
repeat around circle to create 4 more "arms". 

Tie off and cut a long tail. Thread your needle and pull all of your yarn tail up through the center. Create a slip knot and ch 4. In second st, sc in each st down. Tie off and sew stem securely on top of topper. 
Sew the finished stem topper to pumpkin.

If you find any problems with my pattern please let me know! 
Also, I'd be happy to help you if you have any questions!




An Amigurumi Fall

I love Fall! 

The colder weather, leaves changing colors, 
harvesting corn and beans, bonfires, and apple cider!
And with Halloween just around the corner, 
I wanted to make some cute-not-so-scary creations! 
Bats are really popular and so dang cute!
Here's a few up close:

Hopefully we'll get some sunny days so I can do a photo shoot for better pics, then these little guys will be in the shop! 

For Fall decor, a pumpkin! 

This little guy was quick to whip up! 

I'm working on the pattern for the pumpkin and will have it posted soon, 
I promise!! 

If you've never made your own pattern or design, you really should give it a try.  It's such a rewarding experience holding something you designed then made all by yourself!!  Trust me on this; I design and make everything you see in my blog, including this pumpkin pattern. 
Yes, I looked up other people's pumpkins for ideas, but I didn't copy someone else's pattern, it's wholly my own. And that's what makes it unique! 

Do you have anymore Fall-ish amigurumi ideas for me to try? 
I don't want to make anything creepy, lol, that's just not me. 

I'd love to hear your ideas!!



Amigurumi Whales

People, especially Americans it seems, have an attachment to whales. They're big, beautiful and generally friendly; but what captivates our minds most is their mystery. 

Where do they go? Why do humpbacks sing? Why are they so friendly? Why do they seem to have a mutual curiosity of us? They don't seem to fear us. Why?  We may never found out and that's what drives to know more! 


These amigurumi whales are tiny, about 1" high by 2" long. I gave each one a  heart on their bellies and I'm looking forward to making more! 

Right now my current project is designing and making brand-new Fall ami's! 
The newest: Bats! 

Cute, adorable, tiny bats

I can't wait to show you!! (Here they are!)



New Amigurumi Designs and 4 Crochet Patterns

~New Design~ 

Today I'd like to introduce you to Gladie and Violet:

Two sweet bunnies! 
I made Violet first and loved her immediately! 
I am going to keep her for my own collection, 
something I rarely do. 
I love their ears!
 That's one of the really neat things about amigurumi, ami's are quite
poseable and moldable without wire. 

Gladie will be in the shop soon! 

~Free Pattern Link~

Conversations are great inspiration starters! 
Talking with my mom in-law sparked a search for a good crochet dishcloth pattern - a free one. 
 I love free stuff! :D
Who doesn't right? 
I whipped this up in about 2 or so hours - a bit long but it was my first attempt at this project. 

The pattern I used had four free patterns!
 I found them at Ball Hank n' Skein:

I used her first pattern and tried two of the other ones, 
but this one is by far my favorite! 


I wanted to add more penguins to my shop 
so I set about to make some more. 
I never liked making the original feet so I tried something new!
 See? Poseable! 
What do you all think? 
Do you like the foot re-design?

 These little guys will also be in the shop soon,
hopefully today :]



Perky Penguins

Hello again! 

I love animals of all kinds and colors! 
Especially amigurumi ones ;) 

For me, animals are easiest to design into something adorable.
I tried to make an amigurumi doll and she didn't turn out very well. Boo.
Oh well, I prefer crocheting animals anyway :]

Here's some pics of my tiny penguins! 
I recently opened my etsy shop and this little guy was my first sale! 

Penguins are so cute and easy to make!

Wanna make one of your own? 
amiguruMEI makes some awesome ami's and she posts her patterns! 
Here's the link to her Tuxedo Sam pattern: 


He's so cute!! 
I haven't made him myself. I prefer making small to tiny sized ami's. 
I'm just not able to still that still for that long!
Even if I spread the project over several days, I get bored so quickly, 
I swear I have adult ADD!! 

So, please don't expect to see large amigurumi's here! :D

All of this reminds me: I need to make more of these little guys! 



Shop is Open!!

It's official! 

Ami Amore is open for business!!

Do you recognize any of the ami's for sale? 

I hope to introduce each of my designs eventually, new ones as well as the older ones. I'm planning on showcasing my very first designs so you can get an idea of where I've come from and hopefully you'll stay to see where Ami Amore goes in the future! 

Would you like to visit my shop? 



The Pony

Good Monday Morning! 

So... I noticed My Little Pony is crazy popular (they're so cute!!) and there's many different amigurumi versions out there so I had to try my hand at making my own version! 

I did some research on Google Images, which is a great place to start on any project. I found a picture or two of other people's ponies that I liked and set out to make my own!  This was the result: 
She's about 4 inches tall and probably 2 inches at her widest. Over all, I love the way she turned out!  She's the perfect little pony! 
The yarn I used was Bernat brand and it was awful! But the odd thing was, the yellow was worse than the pink. It was really grippy and rough, and almost impossible to get the stitches tight enough so there weren't any holes. 
The pink yarn was softer and seemed to work better. I bought both skeins on clearance at Meijer - now I know for next time, right?

Her mane took the most work.  I cut several 8" pieces then tied a knot in the end of each string, threaded the needle and pulled it through a hole in the side of her head, and up out of the hole where I wanted her mane to be.  I actually added too many strings and had to remove some to make the hair lay more natural-like.  I added the black embroidery thread smile but I don't know if I'm going to keep it, what do you think? 

I'm planning on giving the pattern another go with a better yarn.  I think it'll turn out much better the next time around!  Like a beige pony with a dark blue mane... or a chocolate pony with a white mane!!  :D I love color combos! 

Oh and those two little stars? They are a new pattern too! Quick, easy, simple, cute, and fun!
  I got the idea when I was a pair of amigurumi star earrings from MohuStore. She makes these adorable thread amigurumi earrings in all shapes and sizes!  

I thinking of making this one into a tutorial eventually,
 they'd be a great project for the beginner and experienced alike! 



Why I Make Amigurumi

I love crafts, I was born into it with my mom being a quilter. Both my sister and I learned to sew, quilt, and craft from an early age. 

You could say that I have a natural talent towards arts and crafts as they come easily for me. I believe that God blessed me with these talents and I don't want to waste them!

 For many years I struggled with finding "that one craft" that fitted me best - that I enjoy thoroughly.  Part of enjoying a craft, for me anyway, is to see it as a gift and as a way of returning that gift, I want to give to others.

So all that being said, I'd like to extend this offer: 

If you have any questions, need amigurumi advice or if I could help you in your journey towards learning amigurumi; contact me, let me know what you need and I'll be happy to try my best helping you out! 

You can contact me at: 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/denae.amiamore

email: denae.amiamore@gmail.com


Kissing Octopus'

Anyone ever heard of Takochu's before? 

 I think they're adorable! 
Takochu's are a small Japanese toy that resemble octopus's, except these are very loving as they are ready with a kiss! 

Tako = octopus & chu = kiss in Japanese

I saw some pics online of amigurumi takochu's and knew I had to make some of my own! I found a couple of patterns online but in the end, I made my own version.  BerrySprite has a lovely amigurumi blog and she shares a tutorial with her pattern and it's the best one out there! 

Takochu's are tiny but are quick to whip up!
 I can finish one in about 30 minutes or so.  
They are also a great starting place for beginners! 


Nuwandalice / Food Photos / CC BY-NC-ND


The Three Little Bears

Hello again! 

Here's a little trio I recently finished:

Last week was busy at work but I managed to whip up this little panda bear.

The dark heather grey yarn I used was a lot fuzzier than I anticipated! He ended up with a bunch of black lint on the white areas of his body!  Nothing a little bit of tape won't fix! :D

This brown little guy is the first bear of this style that I'd made before. Different ears, arms, and nose. 
That nose! Lesson learned: stitch first, glue on second.

 But practice makes perfect! 

This little guy is perfect in my eyes! 

I love him! He's my favorite! 
It's going to be hard selling him, but I'm not really one to keep the ami's I make. 

Each bear is Mini size and will be for sale in my shop, when I get it open!
 (I'm still working on that!!)

Let me know what you think!
 I love feedback, your input helps to shape current and future designs!