Perky Penguins

Hello again! 

I love animals of all kinds and colors! 
Especially amigurumi ones ;) 

For me, animals are easiest to design into something adorable.
I tried to make an amigurumi doll and she didn't turn out very well. Boo.
Oh well, I prefer crocheting animals anyway :]

Here's some pics of my tiny penguins! 
I recently opened my etsy shop and this little guy was my first sale! 

Penguins are so cute and easy to make!

Wanna make one of your own? 
amiguruMEI makes some awesome ami's and she posts her patterns! 
Here's the link to her Tuxedo Sam pattern: 


He's so cute!! 
I haven't made him myself. I prefer making small to tiny sized ami's. 
I'm just not able to still that still for that long!
Even if I spread the project over several days, I get bored so quickly, 
I swear I have adult ADD!! 

So, please don't expect to see large amigurumi's here! :D

All of this reminds me: I need to make more of these little guys! 



Shop is Open!!

It's official! 

Ami Amore is open for business!!

Do you recognize any of the ami's for sale? 

I hope to introduce each of my designs eventually, new ones as well as the older ones. I'm planning on showcasing my very first designs so you can get an idea of where I've come from and hopefully you'll stay to see where Ami Amore goes in the future! 

Would you like to visit my shop? 



The Pony

Good Monday Morning! 

So... I noticed My Little Pony is crazy popular (they're so cute!!) and there's many different amigurumi versions out there so I had to try my hand at making my own version! 

I did some research on Google Images, which is a great place to start on any project. I found a picture or two of other people's ponies that I liked and set out to make my own!  This was the result: 
She's about 4 inches tall and probably 2 inches at her widest. Over all, I love the way she turned out!  She's the perfect little pony! 
The yarn I used was Bernat brand and it was awful! But the odd thing was, the yellow was worse than the pink. It was really grippy and rough, and almost impossible to get the stitches tight enough so there weren't any holes. 
The pink yarn was softer and seemed to work better. I bought both skeins on clearance at Meijer - now I know for next time, right?

Her mane took the most work.  I cut several 8" pieces then tied a knot in the end of each string, threaded the needle and pulled it through a hole in the side of her head, and up out of the hole where I wanted her mane to be.  I actually added too many strings and had to remove some to make the hair lay more natural-like.  I added the black embroidery thread smile but I don't know if I'm going to keep it, what do you think? 

I'm planning on giving the pattern another go with a better yarn.  I think it'll turn out much better the next time around!  Like a beige pony with a dark blue mane... or a chocolate pony with a white mane!!  :D I love color combos! 

Oh and those two little stars? They are a new pattern too! Quick, easy, simple, cute, and fun!
  I got the idea when I was a pair of amigurumi star earrings from MohuStore. She makes these adorable thread amigurumi earrings in all shapes and sizes!  

I thinking of making this one into a tutorial eventually,
 they'd be a great project for the beginner and experienced alike! 



Why I Make Amigurumi

I love crafts, I was born into it with my mom being a quilter. Both my sister and I learned to sew, quilt, and craft from an early age. 

You could say that I have a natural talent towards arts and crafts as they come easily for me. I believe that God blessed me with these talents and I don't want to waste them!

 For many years I struggled with finding "that one craft" that fitted me best - that I enjoy thoroughly.  Part of enjoying a craft, for me anyway, is to see it as a gift and as a way of returning that gift, I want to give to others.

So all that being said, I'd like to extend this offer: 

If you have any questions, need amigurumi advice or if I could help you in your journey towards learning amigurumi; contact me, let me know what you need and I'll be happy to try my best helping you out! 

You can contact me at: 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/denae.amiamore

email: denae.amiamore@gmail.com


Kissing Octopus'

Anyone ever heard of Takochu's before? 

 I think they're adorable! 
Takochu's are a small Japanese toy that resemble octopus's, except these are very loving as they are ready with a kiss! 

Tako = octopus & chu = kiss in Japanese

I saw some pics online of amigurumi takochu's and knew I had to make some of my own! I found a couple of patterns online but in the end, I made my own version.  BerrySprite has a lovely amigurumi blog and she shares a tutorial with her pattern and it's the best one out there! 

Takochu's are tiny but are quick to whip up!
 I can finish one in about 30 minutes or so.  
They are also a great starting place for beginners! 


Nuwandalice / Food Photos / CC BY-NC-ND


The Three Little Bears

Hello again! 

Here's a little trio I recently finished:

Last week was busy at work but I managed to whip up this little panda bear.

The dark heather grey yarn I used was a lot fuzzier than I anticipated! He ended up with a bunch of black lint on the white areas of his body!  Nothing a little bit of tape won't fix! :D

This brown little guy is the first bear of this style that I'd made before. Different ears, arms, and nose. 
That nose! Lesson learned: stitch first, glue on second.

 But practice makes perfect! 

This little guy is perfect in my eyes! 

I love him! He's my favorite! 
It's going to be hard selling him, but I'm not really one to keep the ami's I make. 

Each bear is Mini size and will be for sale in my shop, when I get it open!
 (I'm still working on that!!)

Let me know what you think!
 I love feedback, your input helps to shape current and future designs!



Sweet Ellie

One day, while showing my sister my finished amigurumi, she excitedly exclaimed "You should make an elephant!! It'd be sooo cute!" 
So, what could I do?!? I HAD to make one! I already was going to make an elephant, but this gave me a very good excuse to start working on this new design. 
So, after some research and design, crocheting and re-crocheting, it came out like this: 

It was love at first sight! I'm not really one to name my ami's but Ellie was a perfect fit!