Celebrating With Free Cupcakes! {Amigurumi Tutorial}

Exactly one year ago, I published my very first post with much excitement and trepidation! Honestly, I never thought Ami Amore would grow so much, so quickly! Blogging is harder than I originally thought it would be but it's so worth the time and effort it takes! I've met so many great people through this experience and I look forward to another wonderful year! Thank you all for your support! 
To celebrate, I made everyone cupcakes! Well, a cupcake pattern and tutorial anyway! This pattern is fun and simple, perfect for beginners. Cupcakes are a great way to celebrate almost any occasion!  
With a little inspiration and a lot of imagination, the variations that you could come up with using this tutorial are limitless! Add pearly beads, french knots, or straight stitches, all will look like different sprinkles. Add a pair of safety eyes and a little mouth and you'll have a cutie cupcake! Aww! 
Amigurumi Cupcake Pattern Tutorial

Difficulty:  Beginner 
This is a wonderful beginner's project as it does not contain any difficult techniques. The magic ring is probably the only tricky point but is easily and quickly mastered. Planet June has a wonderful tutorial of how to do the magic ring

Materials You'll Need:
• Yarn in your choice of colors
• Crochet hook - D to F depends on yarn weight
• Stuffing - Polyfil
 Yarn or Darning Needle
• Scissors
 Optional - embroidery thread, beads, 5 mm safety eyes, keychain, or phone lanyard.

Crochet Terms:
This pattern is written in American terms, but for those unfamiliar with them, the British terms are in blue.

American                               (UK/British)
MR - Magic Ring                      (magic ring)
sl st- Slip Stitch                      (Slip Stitch)
ch - Chain                              (chain) 
sc - Single Crochet                  (dc- double crochet)
invdec - Inv. Decrease             (inv. decrease)
inc - increase                          (inc - increase)
hdc - half double crochet          (htr - half treble)

Notes: Finished Size: 1.25" x 1.5" (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)  ❤  I use the joined-round method of amigurumi, most people do not.  This pattern is written for both spiral and joined rounds, use the method you are most comfortable with. 

WRITTEN PATTERN - The abbreviated pattern is at the end of this post if you'd like to work on it alone. It's a very simple pattern, feel free to jump to the end! 

Let's go!!

The Cupcake Bottom
Left: Rnd 1) In a MR, single crochet 6 times. Pull your ring tightly closed. This is important so it doesn't work it's way loose, leaving a hole in the bottom of your work.

Right: Rnd 2) Increase in each stitch, you should have 12 stitches at the end. 
 Left: Rnd 3) Single crochet in the back loop of every stitch. Your stitches will naturally curve inwards, creating a sharp turn and a flat bottom. Another 12 stitches at the end.

Right: Rnd 4) Single crochet in 2 stitches then increase in the next stitch. Repeat this pattern around 3 more times. You should have 16 stitches at the end of this round. 

Left: Rnd 5) Single crochet in each stitch. Tie off and hide your tail inside the bottom. 

Right: Finished Bottom! Note how crocheting in the back loops created a 90 degree turn, giving the cupcake a nice flat base to sit on! 

The Frosted Top

Left: Rnd 1) Choose a nice frosting color and in a magic ring, single crochet 6 times. Again, pull your right tightly closed. 

Right: Rnd 2)  Increase in each stitch, you should have 12 stitches at the end.  Rnd 3) Single crochet in the first stitch then increase in the next. Repeat this pattern around 5 more times for a total of 18 stitches. Rnds 4 & 5) For the next two rounds, single crochet in each stitch to the end, with 18 stitches in each round. 

Left: Rnd 6) To add the scalloped frosting edge: chain 1, in next stitch, half double crochet 1 stitch, chain 1 and slip stitch in the next stitch. Repeat around the bottom, about 8 more times. Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing the top to the cupcake bottom. 

Right: Edging Step-by-Step:  (Step 1) If you are using the joined rounds method, simply begin with 1 chain. For those using the spiral rounds method, close your piece with a slip stitch then chain 1. 
Left: (Step 2) In the next stitch, make a half double crochet. (Step 3) Chain 1.

Right: (Step 4) Slip stitch in the next stitch. Repeat these 4-steps around the edge to the end, about 8 more times. 
Left: The completed cupcake top! Remember to leave a long tail for sewing. 

Right: Thread your yarn needle with the tail, and insert it through the stitches on cupcake's bottom as shown. 
Left: Pull your needle through and push it from the inside - outward of the top as shown. Sewing this way will cause the top edge of the brown bottom to be hidden inside the red frosting's top creating a realistic cupcake! 

Right: As you sew, pull your thread tightly and evenly. This will prevent stuffing from coming out and create a sturdy, attractive finished piece. 
Left: With only about an inch wide opening left, stop and stuff your cupcake. I used a pair of scissors to push my Polyfil inside. 

Right: Sew your opening closed and hide the tail inside the cupcake. Cut the string and ...
You're Done!! 


American                               (UK/British)
MR - Magic Ring                      (magic ring)
sl st- Slip Stitch                      (Slip Stitch)
ch - Chain                              (chain) 
sc - Single Crochet                  (dc- double crochet)
invdec - Inv. Decrease             (inv. decrease)
inc - increase                          (inc - increase)
hdc - half double crochet          (htr - half treble)

Amigurumi Cupcake Pattern 

Cupcake Bottom:
Rnd 1- In a MR, sc 6 [6]
Rnd 2- Inc in each st [12]
Rnd 3- sc in each st, back loops only [12]
Rnd 4- (sc 2 then inc) x4 [16]
Rnd 5- sc in each st [16]
Tie off and hide the end inside the bottom.

Frosted Top:
Rnd 1- In a MR 6 [6]
Rnd 2- Inc in each st [12]
Rnd 3- (sc then inc) x6 [18]
Rnd 4&5- sc in each st [18]
Rnd 6- Edging: Ch 1, hdc in next st, ch 1, sl st in next st. Repeat around, about 8 more times. 
Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing the frosting top to the cupcake bottom. Sew the bottom under the frosting's top edge to that the brown top edge isn't visible. Stuff when there's about an inch wide opening left. Finish sewing the cupcake closed. Hide the tail inside the cupcake and you're done! 
The finished cupcake is quite small. Add a key chain or phone lanyard and take your handiwork with you or gift it to a friend for their birthday! Also, since Christmas is coming soon, make a whole bunch in your favorite colors and designs, add ornament hooks, and hang them on your mini Christmas tree! Have fun!

Thank you for a great year of blogging! 

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As this is an original Ami Amore pattern, kindly do not claim it as your own. You may place a link to this pattern from your site, but please do not repost it onto your page. Remember to share a picture of your own amigurumi heart! 


  1. Congratulations on your 1 year celebrations!!! I've started my blog a few weeks ago and I agree with you...there's a lot of excitement in it!!! I've been following your blog and I found your projects lovely!! Well done for all your hard work and thanks for sharing a very cute cupcake pattern :)

    Rory XXX



  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Rory! Congrats on starting your new blog! I checked out your site and I love your projects, the finger-less gloves were cute! I look forward to seeing more of your projects :]

  3. Happy Blogiversary Denae :-) Your crochet creations are fantastic, so happy to have found your blog! And these cupcakes are super adorable... This can be my "first project" I know I keep saying I'm going to get around to starting amigurumi and still haven't... but I will!!!

  4. Thank you Aimee! Your sweet comments are so uplifting! I'm glad I found your blog too - I love all the recipes you post! And you photography is amazing! Do you have any tips?

  5. Thanks! I've really started enjoying photography since I began blogging and I'm picking up new tricks as I go along, it's fun! But you don't need my tips, your photography looks great already. I love that you've included a picture for every step, as a visual learner this is very useful :-) I'll let you know how I get on with my first project...

  6. Thanks! You're so sweet! I need help staging photos <- that I'm not good at. The pics above were a success but for future photo shoots, I'd like to get more creative with my animals! Create fun and interesting scenes! :] Oh, do let me know how it goes!! I can't wait to see your final project! :D Good luck!

  7. I love these! How amazing of a gift would these be to make for friends?! Thank you!

  8. Thank you Pamela! I hope you enjoy making them!

  9. Veronica Guizzardi3/23/14, 3:50 PM

    Thanks Denae for sharing you cupcake pattern! It's so sweet that i used it to do a placeholder to my friens and they love it!

  10. You're very welcome! Sounds like they turned out really cute! Thanks for sharing!


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