Forest Collection: The Owl

Hello! How are you? Warm, I hope!
It's so cold here! The last few days have hardly broke 25 degrees and it's very cold at night, 11 degrees. The sad part about it is we have no snow! :( It's very strange to live in Michigan and have no snow in January. It's such a bummer!

Anyhow, in an earlier post I wrote about my desire to create sets of animals that share a common theme. I'm still working on each of the themes, expanding as I go with every new addition. It's so fun to add an animal here or there, building up each "ecosystem," if you will.  When I was a young girl, my parents bought a subscription to Ranger Rick for me. I would wait every month for my new magazine then read the whole thing in one afternoon! This along with a plethora of National Geographic magazines helped to cultivate a love for nature and animals! 

So far I've called them collections with the Ocean Collection being the first.  It has octopus's, whales, narwhals, dolphin and a shark. The Arctic Collection has penguins, polar bears, and narwhals. The Forest Collection has a fox, a couple different bears, bats, a bunny, and a squirrel. 

Today, I'd like to feature the newest Forest Collection member, an owl.

Well, actually, three owls:

It's funny how inspiration strikes! You're working on something else and suddenly it hits full force! I had to stop and write the idea down before it was gone. My mind works like that. I have to write down or blurt out what suddenly hits me or I'll never remember it later! lol This inevidently always leads to the most random things popping out of my mouth, many times mid sentence! My poor husband! Anymore he just laughs and asks about it later. :D  All three are in the shop

I hope everyone has a lovely week! 


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