Winter Wonderland

Wednesday Morning Beauty
I live in Michigan, a land of many seasons. 
Not four like other normal, northern states, but 6 or 7 "seasons."

Now, to be fair, not all of Michigan has these extra "seasons," just the areas around the Great Lakes and I'm sure - somewhere - other people experience this as well.   Monday it was sunny and 43 degrees, the sun was shinning and spring was here! Then, like magic on Wednesday, winter arrives all over again! This fickle weather isn't limited to winter/spring. There's winter/summer where we've had snow in the middle of May, then a fall/summer season of 80-85 degree October days. The fun never ends!

Even though our weather is frustrating and keeps us on our toes, I love living in Michigan. It's so beautiful here! We have a huge lake (it's basically a sea, but shhh, no one calls it that!) with awesome, gorgeous beaches only 10 minutes away! Also, because of the mild, wet, but quite warm weather; we have an area known as The Fruit Belt.  We grow all kinds of fruit, nearly everyone does because it's so easy and nothing compares to Michigan peaches, apples, cherries, and blueberries! Of course, it's waaay too cold to grow citrus, but that's ok, I'll keep our strawberries instead :]

Has your winter been like mine?


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