New Narwhals

I have more narwhals!! Both in new colors and a new size are now available! 
I've been making and selling mom and baby narwhal/whale sets for a little while now; and I thought customers would want to make their own color combos.  Not all the ones in the photo are babies, I did list a few full sized narwhals in new colors. All the original colors are sold out so I need to make some more, my plan it to finish a couple tonight.  

Last month I mentioned the pain problems I was having when I crochet too much. I'm happy to say that my hands and arms are feeling much better! We'll see how they do tonight, it's been a good week since I've completed any ami projects. I really miss it :[  There's so much satisfaction in finishing a project! 

Ever had a project that just sat there staring at you? There were two bears sitting on my chair almost finished for weeks begging to be finished! 
Typically I sew a tiny felt nose and glue it between their eyes but trying to get it right the first time is pretty much impossible! 
That's the felt nose that I used to make, see how tiny it is? It would take about three tries to get it right and that's just to cut it out! Sewing it was another story! To say the least, they were frustrating to make.

So, I decided to try something a lot different. I crocheted a flat circle and sewed on the shape using yarn. Then I sewed on the nose with the circle's tail.
I love it! It's easier and cuter than the original felt nose! At least, I think so :] 
I like the dimension this nose adds to their little faces. It sticks out all round and plump with no extra effort on my part! :]  Adorable 

What do you think? 
Cute or dorky? 


Oh, all the animals shown today are currently listed. Check 'um out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Yanti! I'm going to continue making my bears with that style nose.

      I like your blog, keep up the good work! ♥

  2. I ♥ it;)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam http://www.swiatmegi.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you Megi!

      I like your clay charms! Very cute!!

  3. Can make a utube tutorial on how to make a narwhals


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