Craft Swap with MillieOnHerWorld

It's time for another craft swap! For this one I joined with my Blogger and Etsy friend, Millie of millieonherworld

Millie is a super sweet girl who I was blessed to meet via Etsy. We chatted back and forth about our shops, blogging, amigurumi, general life and girly stuff and one day she asked if I'd be willing to do a swap with her. Of course I said yes! She's super talented and it's been wonderful getting to know her. It's so nice to share with someone who has similar interests and a passion for amigurumi! Do you have a friend like that?  

Millie lives only two states over so her package arrived very quickly! I work in our company mailroom so I received the box in the morning. I was so excited when it arrived that I squeaked with excitement (not too loudly tho!) and opened it right away! 

Here's the lovely package she sent me! It was full to the top with many lovely wrapped packages! 
I think she hand wrapped everything she could! It was so sweet!
I loved all the colors she chose and I noticed all the blue too! Blue's my favorite color :] 
Isn't that the most adorable envelope ever?!? She wrote me a long note too! 
We both made each other our favorite San-x character. I love Sabo Kappa so naturally I chose her. Millie did a great job! She's perfect!
She can stand in her pot and she's on my desk right now, she keeps me company when I'm designing a project or writing notes :] 
As a bonus, Millie also made the moss balls as a cute keychain! 
Each of us requested a certain favorite item the other makes. She requested a purple narwhal and I, a blue pony! Isn't she so cute?! I named her Ciela~ 
 Along with the wonderful ami's, she sent me a bunch of lovely goodies!! 
Thank you so much, Millie! 
Everything she sent was beautifully made and carefully chosen and I couldn't be happier with this swap! Millie is going to be famous for her ponies and dolls soon! I'm looking forward to joining her in more amigurumi fun in the future!

Please visit her blog and say hello! Oh, and while you're at it, see her shop too :D  If you're curious as the what I made her, check out her blog post about our swap! 

Have a great week everyone!