Cutie Kitty Pattern Is In Zoomigurumi 2!!

Remember when I hinted about a pattern project my Cutie Kitty pattern was chosen to be a part of here in my post last month? I'm very excited to announce that Evie, the Cutie Kitty, is part of Zoomigurumi 2!! 
Joke, the curator of amigurumipatterns.net saw her on Tumblr and asked if I'd like to be part of her next bookOf course I said yes! Joke was very kind and patient answering all my questions during this whole process. Check out her site, she has many great amigurumi patterns for sale and free. I'm sure you'll find many patterns that would suite your fancy!
It's definitely been a growing experience and I feel so honored to join designers like Josephine of AMorningCupofJo, Amy of LittleMugglesSarsel, Emi of EnnaDesign's, and Shannen of Sweetn'CuteCreations!  This is how I met Josephine. She was in Zoomigurumi 1 and I had many questions for her about her experience with the first book. Also, she was my pattern tester/proof reader, she is very knowledgeable and caught some errors in places that I wasn't sure what to do.

I write all my patterns down but they aren't perfect and I didn't know much about creating a complete pattern that others could read and understand. Jo gave me a template to work from, it was a life-saver!  Thank you Josephine!!
The Kitty pattern along with the 13 others that are featured in Zoomigurumi2 are now available for sale on amigurumipatterns.net You can also buy just the PDF if you prefer an e-book format. 

You can now purchase your copy of this book on Amazon.comBe sure to check them out! You won't be disappointed, I promise!