Bonnie, the Cutie Bunny

Bonnie is the newest member of the Cutie Collection. She loves to pick strawberries on warm, summer days (who doesn't!), and you will almost always see with Chickie, her friendly baby bird.
Chickie - "Peeep! Peep, peep!",  Bonnie - "Oh? What's that?"

Chickie - "Look out behind you! An evil cat hides in that bowl!"

Bonnie - "In here? I don't see any cat. Are you sure? I think I'll climb in just to make sure.",  Chickie - "Nooo!" 
Bonnie - "Ha! See? No cat in here!", Chickie - whispering, "It might still be in there, it can turn invisible!" 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Bonnie is a bit smaller than the other Cuties, as she's made from Martha Stewart's Extra Soft Wool Blend yarn which is a lighter weight than the regular acrylic yarn I use. The animal designs I have done so far are: the bear, puppykitty, and bunny. My plan is to have each pattern for sale so you can make the Cutie of your choice! The Cutie Kitty Pattern is done and I'm currently working on the bear pattern. In the meantime, I'd like to remake the bunny but give her lop ears, she'd be so adorable with long, droopy ears! 

I had lop-eared bunnies once...I grew up on a small vegetable farm in southern Michigan. We never had any farm animals, only pet barn cats and a dog. During our mid-to-late teens, my sister and I finally wore my dad down to the point where he allowed us to get a few animals if we promised to care for them ourselves. He didn't want to be stuck doing all the work. My sister raised 7 well-loved chickens from eggs we hatched ourselves, and I bought a pair of Mini Lop rabbits. 

The female was a sweet tempered, gray rabbit named Lady, and the male was a white and cream, grumpy fellow named Buck. Wanting to expand my brood to keep up with my sister, I bred them and Lady had 5 tiny little bunnies! As you probably know, bunnies grow up very quickly and it wasn't long before I had the whole group out in the grass hopping around! A few times, one or two of the bunnies would hop too far away (I didn't want to loose them!), so I'd reach out and snatch them up. They would be so startled by this that they'd squeal/squeak and scream! The first time it happened, it startled me! I had no idea they made that noise, sounds like a loud rat! Ha ha! They were so cute! 

Even though they were lops, their ears stood up straight like a normal rabbit but once they were older, their ears gradually fell downwards, like their parent's. When they were old enough, I sold them to families, I didn't have room to keep them all. I miss my bunnies, they were a fun and easy pet to have. I kept all of mine outside so I don't know how they are in the house but they are pretty stinky, just to warn you! :]  So many good memories~

Growing up, did you have a favorite pet or animal? Any other farm-girls out there? What's your favorite animal memory?

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  1. Awwww Bonnie is so so adorable !


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