Cutie Pup & Hello Kitty!

Happy Easter!! I hope everyone is enjoying the approaching springtime! I love spring and Easter, it's always a time filled with hope for a bright year! My husband and I don't have a family of our own yet so no egg hunts for us! We always have a nice lunch with family and enjoy watching the little cousins search for the eggs. I live in Michigan and it might snow, I really hope not, it makes the hunt no fun!


I love adding to my Cutie Collection! Each new addition is so cute I find it hard to let them go! The Cutie Pup is no exception:
As with the Kitty and Bears, the Pup is from the same base pattern. The only differences are the obvious ears, nose and tail. He was designed to wear a hat or hood but it I thought it was distracting attention away from his adorable ears! I love the possibilities that this pattern presents. I'd love to try different dog breeds, like a pug nose or a the long, skinny nose and pointy ears of a chihuahua. I think spots would be cute too :] 

One thing I adore about the base pattern is the limitless design potentials! For example: This pink Hello Kitty a friend requested.
Last night I finished making this Hello Kitty using the base pattern but added a few changes like the dress and thick ears. I think she turned out great, I'm very happy with the results! (Sorry for the bad picture, it was late at night and I had some really bad lighting!) I don't think she would have been as cute without the base to work off of. I have another one almost done as well, not in pink but with the blue trousers and yellow shirt. 

I'm still not sure how to market and sell such a diverse collection of animals and characters when they all have the same base.  I'm not sure people will be willing to buy the same pattern over and over when the only differences are ears, noses, tails, and cosmetic details. By theme, maybe? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate your feedback! 

What do you do for Easter? Do you have a favorite tradition or meal with family? 

Happy Easter Everyone!



  1. *insert high pitched squeal here* That Hello Kitty---she's so adorable!! :D Looks just like her!

    Also, congrats on your last post I'll keep checking till you reveal what your new project is ;)

    1. Thank you so much Millie! I can't wait to tell you what it is! Super Excited!! :D

  2. Thank you Debbie! I'm slowing working towards publishing my first pattern, hopefully as things progress, the process will become easier!

  3. I like your idea of theme based that way a person purchases one pattern and can make the different options. Such a great idea. I would purchase. Your patterns are so darn cute!


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