Why I Make Amigurumi

I love crafts, I was born into it with my mom being a quilter. Both my sister and I learned to sew, quilt, and craft from an early age. 

You could say that I have a natural talent towards arts and crafts as they come easily for me. I believe that God blessed me with these talents and I don't want to waste them!

 For many years I struggled with finding "that one craft" that fitted me best - that I enjoy thoroughly.  Part of enjoying a craft, for me anyway, is to see it as a gift and as a way of returning that gift, I want to give to others.

So all that being said, I'd like to extend this offer: 

If you have any questions, need amigurumi advice or if I could help you in your journey towards learning amigurumi; contact me, let me know what you need and I'll be happy to try my best helping you out! 

You can contact me at: 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/denae.amiamore

email: denae.amiamore@gmail.com

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