The Three Little Bears

Hello again! 

Here's a little trio I recently finished:

Last week was busy at work but I managed to whip up this little panda bear.

The dark heather grey yarn I used was a lot fuzzier than I anticipated! He ended up with a bunch of black lint on the white areas of his body!  Nothing a little bit of tape won't fix! :D

This brown little guy is the first bear of this style that I'd made before. Different ears, arms, and nose. 
That nose! Lesson learned: stitch first, glue on second.

 But practice makes perfect! 

This little guy is perfect in my eyes! 

I love him! He's my favorite! 
It's going to be hard selling him, but I'm not really one to keep the ami's I make. 

Each bear is Mini size and will be for sale in my shop, when I get it open!
 (I'm still working on that!!)

Let me know what you think!
 I love feedback, your input helps to shape current and future designs!


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