Sweet Ellie

One day, while showing my sister my finished amigurumi, she excitedly exclaimed "You should make an elephant!! It'd be sooo cute!" 
So, what could I do?!? I HAD to make one! I already was going to make an elephant, but this gave me a very good excuse to start working on this new design. 
So, after some research and design, crocheting and re-crocheting, it came out like this: 

It was love at first sight! I'm not really one to name my ami's but Ellie was a perfect fit!

Oh, she's so sweet! 

I knew my sister would love one so got busy making another! 

She named her's Ernie...  


  1. Denae!!! OMG beyond cute! I am in love with little Ellie!

    Louise x


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