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On Monday of last week, my package from Louise arrived in the mail!! I immediately grabbed it and ran down stairs to open it with my husband (we work in the same building). I opened it and I was so surprised! Everything inside the box was beautiful!! I wasn't able to take any pics when I opened it the then, but decided to wait until the weekend for a bright sunny day. 

If you haven't seen Louise's dolls or her blog, please take a moment and visit her site. As you can see, her handiwork is amazing! I was very excited to do this swap with her, she is a good friend of mine- super sweet lady- and plus, I wanted one of her dolls!!  I had never been a part of a swap before and neither had Lou so we made up our own rules and both of us requested an item to be made by the other person. She wanted an amigurumi dachshund to go with her dolls and I wanted a fox doll. 

The box's contents laid out in all their glory!g

Look at all the goodies she sent me! Wow! the doll blew me away and the extras were amazing! Lou was super generous! 

I'd like to go over the doll in detail, Sylvie is too gorgeous to just pass over quickly! 

Sylvie is made from a high quality felt as was her cape. Every stitch was hand-sewn. Every single one. Her body, dress, basket, even the apples were hand formed and painted by Louise! 
Her hood has little slits for her ears to peak through and longer slits on the sides for her arms.  
Here you can see the stitches better. Look at how perfect they are! 

Sylvie's face is so sweet! I love her little nose and smile :]
The gingham cloth inside the basket was edged in red with with her monogram in the corner. Each apple was super cute and realistic! Here's a close-up:
Aren't they amazing?!?! I am a detail oriented person and each of these little details are great treasures, each one mean so much to me.
Her cute cotton dress :] The toile underneath was so soft! 
Her backside :] 
The patch is such a great idea! I'll never forget her name! Can you see the tiny heart in the red running stitch? Eeek! So adorable!! Also the cotton used for her underpants has little giraffes on it! lol super cute! :D 
Sylvie with all her accessories :]  I was in awe when I unwrapped her for the first time, she's so beautiful! I'm going to keep her for forever! I already have a shelf picked out, I'm going to set her in my craft room where she can watch me work and inspire my imagination!
Louise also wrote a lovely handwritten letter, sent a felt kit, a bunch of wonderful chocolates made near her home in Northern Ireland, they tasted delicious! Also, a big bag of English tea, lip balm, body wash, and body butter that smelled wonderful!
The big bag is full of different kinds of yarn she had and generously passed on to me. I look forward to trying the different textures and types of yarn with my amigurumi! The colors are a lovely range of pinks, yellows, a green or two, and a few others too. 

This swap has been wonderful from the very start! It's been a great opportunity to know Louise better, grow as a crafter, and blogger. I have so much to learn! I hope to do another swap with Lou sometime this year! 

If you're curious, Lou posted about the package I sent her here

Everything she did with my doll is the same quality and attention she puts into all her dolls! She loves making each one and it certainly shows! Please check out her blog and her shop, you won't be disappointed! 

Thank you so much for my lovely doll and all the goodies, Lou! 



  1. Awwwwww~ :D
    Sylvie is so adorable, and what details!

  2. Isn't she!?! I love her so much!
    I hope you're doing well, Millie!


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