We Have 3 Winners!!

Hip, hip, hooray!!
Yay!!!  It's time to announce the winners of the 250+ Fans Giveaway! 

Thank you to everyone who joined in, your comments were so encouraging and each one warmed my heart! ❤  Thank you, Thank you!!  My hope is to continue to grow Ami Amore into a place where anyone can learn how to make amigurumi and fun crafts! Hobbies are important, they reopen our imaginations to creativity, release stress, and make us happy! Plus, there's just nothing like making your own plush! So satisfying! 

Anywho, onto the good stuff... The winners are:
1st place - McJilly Math who will receive the Dandy Lion 
2nd Place - Sarah O'Neill will receive the Pink Narwhal 
3rd Place - Courtney A. who will receive the baby Gray Narwhal 

Congratulations to each winner! I've sent each of you an email, you have 2 days to respond to mine with your address so I can send you your sweet ami animal!  I'll pick new winners if I don't hear from you by Friday. 

The flagstaff outside my window at work 
I'd like to take a moment and honor those in Boston. It's always a shock  when such hate and violence is displayed. In this time of confusion and anger, may we stop and say wholeheartedly: Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Boston! May God mend your broken hearts and heavy wounds. May the perpetrator pay for his crimes, may justice prevail! 



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