My Sweet Saturday

Aaaaaaah! Saturday :] It's my favorite day of the week so I'm always looking forward to its arrival. My husband and I always try our best to keep our Saturdays empty - no plans, nowhere to go, no one to see. Just me and him bumming all day! 
I usually start and end the day looking like this, haha! I love my baggy jammies!
I start my day off bright and early (11am) in the kitchen.  I love that utensil crock, it was a Christmas present and  when I opened the box, I was so surprised! It had my name on it in blue!! 
While the coffee is brewing, I make myself a wonderfully fatty smoothie for brunch. Lots of cream, some coconut milk, a scoop and a half of protein powder, 4-5 ice cubes, and two spoons of cocoa later:
Lots of yummy, chocolate-y goodness that lasts me until dinner! Oh, and yes that is our coffee in some old, really ugly mugs. The "mugs" that came with our servingware set were more like tea cups.  Coffee is always supposed to be in large mugs :] 
While I sip my coffee and drink my shake, I almost always plop on the couch to make an amigurumi or two and check my email. This Saturday was bright and sunny! Spring finally is here and I'm very excited to see flowers popping up and birds singing in the trees!
In our apartment, we're not allowed to own any pets, so I made friends with these hens and chicks! I have about 4 different varieties that I planted almost a year ago. They've overgrown their pot but I haven't bought a new home for them yet.  I love growing these! Succulents are hard to kill, just don't over-water them, put them in a sunny spot, and they're happy! 

What do you do on your weekends? Stay in, shop, hang out with friends?