Amigurumi Whales

People, especially Americans it seems, have an attachment to whales. They're big, beautiful and generally friendly; but what captivates our minds most is their mystery. 

Where do they go? Why do humpbacks sing? Why are they so friendly? Why do they seem to have a mutual curiosity of us? They don't seem to fear us. Why?  We may never found out and that's what drives to know more! 


These amigurumi whales are tiny, about 1" high by 2" long. I gave each one a  heart on their bellies and I'm looking forward to making more! 

Right now my current project is designing and making brand-new Fall ami's! 
The newest: Bats! 

Cute, adorable, tiny bats

I can't wait to show you!! (Here they are!)



  1. Ohhhh.. sooo cute! So perfectly cute!

    1. Thank you Lou! I can't wait to see your Halloween dolls!


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