New Amigurumi Designs and 4 Crochet Patterns

~New Design~ 

Today I'd like to introduce you to Gladie and Violet:

Two sweet bunnies! 
I made Violet first and loved her immediately! 
I am going to keep her for my own collection, 
something I rarely do. 
I love their ears!
 That's one of the really neat things about amigurumi, ami's are quite
poseable and moldable without wire. 

Gladie will be in the shop soon! 

~Free Pattern Link~

Conversations are great inspiration starters! 
Talking with my mom in-law sparked a search for a good crochet dishcloth pattern - a free one. 
 I love free stuff! :D
Who doesn't right? 
I whipped this up in about 2 or so hours - a bit long but it was my first attempt at this project. 

The pattern I used had four free patterns!
 I found them at Ball Hank n' Skein:

I used her first pattern and tried two of the other ones, 
but this one is by far my favorite! 


I wanted to add more penguins to my shop 
so I set about to make some more. 
I never liked making the original feet so I tried something new!
 See? Poseable! 
What do you all think? 
Do you like the foot re-design?

 These little guys will also be in the shop soon,
hopefully today :]


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