An Amigurumi Fall

I love Fall! 

The colder weather, leaves changing colors, 
harvesting corn and beans, bonfires, and apple cider!
And with Halloween just around the corner, 
I wanted to make some cute-not-so-scary creations! 
Bats are really popular and so dang cute!
Here's a few up close:

Hopefully we'll get some sunny days so I can do a photo shoot for better pics, then these little guys will be in the shop! 

For Fall decor, a pumpkin! 

This little guy was quick to whip up! 

I'm working on the pattern for the pumpkin and will have it posted soon, 
I promise!! 

If you've never made your own pattern or design, you really should give it a try.  It's such a rewarding experience holding something you designed then made all by yourself!!  Trust me on this; I design and make everything you see in my blog, including this pumpkin pattern. 
Yes, I looked up other people's pumpkins for ideas, but I didn't copy someone else's pattern, it's wholly my own. And that's what makes it unique! 

Do you have anymore Fall-ish amigurumi ideas for me to try? 
I don't want to make anything creepy, lol, that's just not me. 

I'd love to hear your ideas!!



  1. LOVE!!! Denae... these are so so cute...

    1. Thank you dear! They're probably the smallest ami's I've made yet! I can't wait to see your Halloween dolls!

  2. Omg these bats are adorable!! So are the tiny pumpkins, they look too cute. ._. I'm amazed how you can make such tiny amigurumi!

    1. Thank you Millie!! They aren't hard to make at all, the pumpkin's diameter is the same as the height of the bats. I just posted the pumpkin pattern if you'd like to give it a try!!


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